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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Special Opportunity!  Save the Date!!

Holocaust Remembrance Service, May 8, 4 – 5:30p.m.

Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge (JCOR), 101 Madison Lane

Community-wide event, offered by ORUUC and JCOR


Everything about the Holocaust goes against everything I know as a mother.

Everything ORUUC and JCOR have done to bring Holocaust Remembrance to the Oak Ridge Community aligns with everything I hold dear as a mother.


Make this Mother’s Day connect you to all Mothers and all Mothers’ Children.

Make this Mother’s Day inspire you in ways Mothers Day founder, Unitarian Julia Ward Howe, envisioned (World Peace.)


Invite lots of other Mothers and their families.

Let’s fill the synagogue

While we fill our minds and hearts

with fierce commitment to build a world

where no Mother’s child is in Harm’s Way. Ever. Again.


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