Young Adults

Tell Us What Interests You

This is an invitation to all ORUUC Young Adults from the ages of 18 to 35 years old.

In response to many requests from our Young Adults, we would like to welcome anyone in the above age range, whether married or unmarried who do not yet have children, to share with ORUUC your personal ideas on what would make a great ongoing Young Adult Small Group.

  • What topics, themes and concepts do you feel should be at the center of Young Adult small group that you would enjoy attending?

  • What ideas, current events, concerns or particular positive activities might inspire and enthrall you to come together to find deeper, more enriching community?

  • And what are the most popular, convenient times and days to schedule —weekly, by-monthly, or monthly— that would be preferred for those who would like to participate in such a small group?

Our goal is to support a vital encouraging welcoming force within ORUUC specifically for Young Adults to have sacred space for positive expression, while coming together in a close knit community, rooted in love.