Many find they want to share the journey with others. 
What they want is a sense of belonging.

What Membership Means

All are welcome to attend ORUUC and take part in its activities. The best way to begin to explore membership is to attend the Faith Forward sessions that meet right after worship in the sanctuary.

Membership goes beyond attendance, though. It is a conscious choice and an intentional commitment. Membership means both receiving the blessings of this community AND taking responsibility for helping to shape and share those blessings.

Members find their sense of belonging by joining a small group in the church. All such groups have three functions: learn, serve, care. The Minister of Faith Formation is here to help you find a group that is a good fit for you.

Members volunteer gladly, sharing their interests, gifts, and talents. Some are good at greeting others; others at singing in the choir. Whatever our gifts, at ORUUC we share them for the good of all.

Members make and keep generous financial pledges. ORUUC is entirely financed by its own people, so it’s important that everyone does their part, according to their ability.

Members care for others and are open enough to let others to care for them.


How Do I Become a Member?

1.   Arrange to meet, in person, with a Minister

2.   Attend a New Member Gathering - (Click here to register now)

3.  Complete a Financial Pledge card

4.  Sign a Membership Card

The Board of Trustees reviews and approves all memberships at its monthly meetings. As a new member, you are recognized in a New Member Ceremony during worship. (This is optional! If you don’t want to stand up in front of people, you don’t have to.)


Deepening Your Commitment

 Members attend their chosen small groups. Some groups meet during Faith Formation Hour on Sundays; others meet at other times during the week. Whatever group you choose, you join a circle of people who learn, serve, and care together. That is the ORUUC Way. By finding a group that fits and showing up consistently, your sense of belonging grows over time.

A list of small groups that may be of interest to newcomers can be found here.


The Ongoing Journey

Members commit to a deepening journey of belonging, through authentic and trusting relationships with others, in the light of the Holy. This journey is life-long for all of us. You will see others go through change, and you will change, too. As we walk together in love, we grow in our understanding of this one beautiful life.