Our Ministries

ORUUC has many ways to be of service, from pastoral care and social justice work to fundraising and committee work.  General descriptions are below.  

For more information, view our Guide to Ministries & Activities .

Pastoral Care

Provides pastoral care to our congregation, including our ministers, the Memorial Services Committee, the Caring Committee and our Lay Pastoral Care Associates. 

Worship & Music

Enhances the quality of worship and music within in the congregation, including the Sunday Greeters and Hosts, Music & Worship Team, and Ushers. 

Social Justice

Reaches out to support social justice efforts of the congregation, including Allies for Racial Equity, Stone Soup, Tabitha's Table, Ecumenical Storehouse, PFLAG, Citizen's Climate Coalition, and more. 


Maintains beautiful, functional, and safe grounds and facilities, including Maintenance Crew, Sound Crew, Grounds Team, and Safety Team. 

Board & Committees

Ensures the church runs smoothly through policy-setting, decision making, and performance reviews, including the Board of Trustees, Executive Team, Endowment Fund Committee, Nominating Committee, and Personnel Committee. 


Supports fundraising efforts of the church, including Gift Card/Grocery Program, Rummage Sale and Auction

I’ve been around this organization for a long time. I’ve changed residences and cars several times, as well as grocery stores, dentists and TV sets. Come to think of it, I didn’t even have a TV when our church began. Why such longevity with ORUUC? To begin with, I’m an atheist, so the number of denominations that would put up with me is limited. Why do I seek any denomination? I don’t believe that benevolence is necessarily based upon gullibility. I think the words Al Capp put in Mammy Yokum’s mouth have cosmic application. What she said was, “Good is better than evil because it’s nicer.” If you get a bunch of people together who really believe that, it’s hard to resist their appeal.
— Bob Stone, Founding Member