Please enjoy this tour of our church and grounds.


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We love weddings!  Could we host YOUR wedding?


Our new, beautiful building is available for event rentals! Please contact the office to discuss your special date.

ORUUC Sanctuary set up for Namoli Brennet concert

ORUUC Sanctuary set up for Namoli Brennet concert

Rental Rates

All reservations require a deposit of $75.00.  This fee is refundable if building/space rented is cleaned and items returned to proper place.  Please call the church office at 865-483-6761 for information and reservations.

Kitchen (Full)

$50 member/non profit
$75 regular

Kitchen (Light)

$20 member/non-profit
$50 regular

Additional Fees

Grand Piano

$50.00 (excluding tuning)

Sound Person



$75.00 for 3 hours
$25.00 per hour for additional hours


$100 member/non-profit
Regular $200
Wedding $500

Hearth Room/Kitchenette

$100 member/non-profit
$150 regular
$250 small wedding

Conference Room

$40 member/non-profit
$60 regular


$30 member/non-profit
$50 regular

Social Hall

$40 member/non-profit
$60 regular/plus $10 after 5 hours.
Wedding Reception $300


Our Commitment to Renewal Energy

ORUUC is committed to clean, renewal energy as a cornerstone to our goal to protect our planet for future generations.  We are a proud member of the TVA Green Power program and are a 40KW generator of electrical power through our solar panel installation.  These panels were purchased and installed through generous donations from ORUUC members.  The proceeds from our electrical output roughly equal our cost of power throughout the year.

Want to see how we're doing right now with our solar generation?  Click on the button below.