In the early years of ORUUC, many church-members had arrived to town from far away.  That meant that church membership took on the quality of belonging to a family, especially in the holidays or in facing hard times.  Even as ORUUC has grown and its ministries have sprawled out in every direction, the importance of community has still endured.  

For almost twenty years, every Thursday evening, people gather in the Social Hall to enjoy a potluck supper.  Quarterly, there are Coffeehouse Talent Shows, in which ORUUC-ians share their talents, from the ridiculous to the sublime.  The annual Spring Church Retreat, at Pickett State Park, allows the community to get away all together, roasting marshmallows, playing games, hiking, and hearing one another’s stories more deeply.  Once or twice in the year, there will be a big party, where line-dancing has been known to break out.  

ORUUC has a culture that likes to laugh.  And because we laugh together on a regular basis, and because we know each other’s stories, and support one another, when the hard times come, as they do in each life, we can cry together, as well.  Lifelong friendships have been forged at ORUUC for decades now, and more friendships are forming by the week.

“This church is my extended family.”
— Helen McKown, Founding Member