Grow In Faith Throughout Life:
Faith Formation for Adults

At the heart of faith formation for adults, as for children and youth, is belonging to a small group where you are truly known and you know others. In faith formation groups, three things happen: you learn and grow, you care for one another, and you serve causes and people beyond yourselves.

One of the first things we ask you to do when you become involved at ORUUC is to find your group. The Minister of Faith Formation is here to help you.

Groups that Meet during Faith Formation Hour Sundays 11:15-2:15
Some weekly, others once or twice a month

Care for Caregivers   We support one another in our roles as primary caregivers for family members.     2nd  Sundays     Senior Minister’s Office

Circles of Trust We reflect on the theme of the month using a format that promotes reverence, deep listening, and sharing.     Two groups     Twice a month    either 1st & 3rd Sundays or 2nd & 4th     Music Office

EMBERS (Earth Mindfulness Based on Earth Religions and Spirituality)   We celebrate season changes and cycles of the year. We explore the various forms and traditions of earth-based religions; nature as a whole as the source of universal consciousness and energy.    First Sundays     Hearth Room(Myrick Family Pavilion in good weather)

Faith Forward   We gather right after the service each week to welcome newcomers and help them learn about how we do things at ORUUC. Total of 8 sessions, offered in succession, and then repeated. Every week     Sanctuary, with coffee and cookies provided.

Humanist Group   We provide a forum for non-deistic exploration of current events, history, and our relationship to the world around us.     Fourth Sundays     Hearth Room

Nomadic Yoga   We practice yoga, knowing that mind, body and spirit are part of one whole.     Every Sunday     Sanctuary or Pavilion

Reflections   We “reflect” on the meaning of the worship service message through respectful discussions.  We have lively interactions that lead in many different directions, such as interest in social action and religious quests.     Every Sunday     Library

UU ParentingGather with Rev. Tandy Scheffler and fellow parents to gain support and insight for this most important job of raising kind and generous children who love themselves, others, this world, and all of its inhabitants.  Meets 2nd Sundays