Our Operations Staff

Fred Holland,  Director of Operations

In his private sector career, Fred has worked extensively with international organizations in Europe, Africa and Asia, consulted with numerous industry leaders in the United States, and guided PhD scientists, senior executives and front-line managers to improve their organizations’ performance.  For most of his spiritual life, Fred was without a church home, until he discovered Unitarian Universalism in general and, more specifically, ORUUC.  Since joining the ORUUC family, Fred has been an active volunteer for many church projects and ministries, served on the Board of Trustees as Board President, and is pleased to currently be on staff, helping the church expand outreach and multi-site initiatives.

Jeannie Cuevas, Office Administrator

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I was born and lived most of my life in Gulfport, Mississippi.  My family and I moved to Knoxville in 2005 after hurricane Katrina.  My husband of 27 years, my daughter, now 22 and I finally stumbled across a beautiful piece of property and built our dream home on a mountain where my husband and I live with our 5 dogs. I have a passion for animals and would love to see the human race be kinder to each other and Mother Earth. 

I love to travel and my dream is to one day kiss my husband on top of the Eiffel Tower.  I’ve worked in several jobs and owned my own business that I sold to spend more time with my daughter.  A while back, fate stepped in and found me a place at the ORUUC.  The people here are compassionate, open minded and make me feel completely welcome.  ORUUC is right in line with my own beliefs and I wholeheartedly enjoy my work here.


Rachelle Navy, Bookkeeper

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Rachelle ‘Rae’ Navy was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in a rural area, Pembroke Township, in Kankakee County, IL. Her pursuit in the music industry took her back to Chicago where she and her brother, George Beverly, started an independent record company and published music in the Midwest region. In 1987 she met her husband, Kenneth Navy, relocated to Los Angeles, CA, and sang, professionally for 14 years.

Meanwhile she completed the Music Industry Program at UCLA Extension and studied Business Management at Santa Monica College where she earned her Associates Degree and transferred to the University of Southern California (USC) to pursue a double major in Organizational Management and in Music Production.

Having worked in various bookkeeping and accounting positions for over 30 years in numerous industries, including the non-profit sector, her private employment history reads like that of a CPA’s client list.

A family illness brought her to Knoxville, TN, where she and Kenneth, have become homeowners for the second time. New to ORUUC, she is still settling into bringing her comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, and organizational skills to ORUUC. She is hoping to put her musical education and skills to use at ORUUC as well.

Our Music Staff

David Ensley, Music Director

David is a Tennessee native, raised in the Southern Baptist Church. After a long, long journey, he finds himself immersed in Unitarian Universalism and loving it. David has a Bachelor of Music in Sacred Music and a Master of Music in Choral Conducting, as well as experience in musical theater and opera. He is also an active member of the Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus.

Aside from music, David enjoys spending time with his partner, Bobby, exploring the natural beauty of East Tennessee and the Carolina coast, enjoying sci-fi and horror movies, and decorating their home for the holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas. David is enjoying getting to know the ORUUCian community and discovering everything ORUUC has to offer.

Our Faith Formation Staff

Susan Rosenbaum, Nursery Coordinator

Susan has been at ORUUC for 28 years. She was raised in the Baptist faith in South Carolina. She married Larry, who is Jewish, in 1977. Once they had their children—Erin (1980, deceased); Philip (1983); and Kelly (1986), they decided they wanted a place to worship together. Duane Starr introduced them to ORUUC.

At church, Susan has served on the RE Committee (now Youth Faith Formation Team) for over 25 years, having been Chair several times, including 2015-16. She and Larry are also regulars at the church’s Monday night Ballroom Dancing, having been some of its first participants when it began around 10 years ago. 

Her love of babies led her to apply for the Nursery Coordinator position when it became available in 1998. She has been caring for babies at the church most Sunday mornings since then. Being in the Nursery fulfills her passion for healthy, happy babies and well-supported new parents. She loves watching these youngest among us grow through all the ages and stages of their childhood years. 

She also substitutes in the public schools. During her 24 years in this work, she has substituted in classes from kindergarten through high school. 

Whitney Cole photo.jpg

Whitney Cole, Preschool Coordinator

Whitney was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and then spent over ten years in Chicago. After marrying her husband Rob, they decided to settle down in East Tennessee. After the birth of their only child, they decided to find a church that they would be comfortable raising her in. Thankfully they found ORUUC. 

Whitney has a bachelor's degree from Purdue University which she used in her 10+ years in retail management. After the birth of her child, she found that she lost her passion for retail and discovered her love for childcare and teaching. She firmly believes in the Montessori model and that children are wiser than we usually realize.

Christine Rehder, Elementary Coordinator

Christine Rehder, Elementary Coordinator, has a Masters in Human Development and has formerly worked in professional development for child care providers. She firmly believes in Spirit Play's hands-on approach to exploring and nurturing children's spiritual development.  Christine lives in Oak Ridge and is a native Kansan turned "career Science" wife and mother of three.



Jennifer Stark, Youth Coordinator

Jennifer made her way to Oak Ridge via Louisiana, West Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina. Raised United Methodist, she later identified as Wiccan and Jewish before finding her way to Unitarian Universalism, where she thankfully no longer has to choose between belief systems, and where she can raise her son appreciating other religious traditions without having to choose any of them.

She always wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. After more than a year in a Masters in Teaching program, she decided that public education (and all its related problems) was not where she was meant to be, though education was still in her heart. She started pondering where to take this love of education and realized, very happily, that she could combine it with her love of studying religions, and a new career in religious education was born.

Before becoming the Youth Coordinator at ORUUC, she led the middle school group for one year and the high school group for three years. The teenage years are developmentally crucial in so many ways, and she feels honored to help guide our youth through them.

Nathaiel Bass.jpg

Nathaniel Bass,
Membership Coordinator

Nathaniel grew up attending ORUUC. He returned to the area as a young adult and has become active again in the church. His wife, Christina, and children, Elisabeth and Owen, are also very involved at ORUUC. 

Our Executive Team

Linda Sullivan


Angie Palau

Angie brings to her role on the Executive Team experience as a project manager, technical writer, and financial manager. With a BS in biology, MS in Environmental Engineering, and many years of volunteer experience working with non-profits (particularly as treasurer and grant writer), she is excited to channel her skills to work with the Executive Team of ORUUC.  Angie has been a member of ORUUC for ten years and most recently served as the communications coordinator for the Relocation Steering Committee and the Solar Task Force.  She also loves to chaperone youth trips to The Mountain.